About us

Levescale is a vinyl clock manufacturer operating since December 2018. We operate two brands: Levescale and Levesdecor.

Our products is the perfect choice for those striving to show the individual taste in the style. Each of our 12 inch clocks are made from real, recycled vinyl records from the 1970s-90s. Moreover, it will improve the design of any room.
These beautiful vinyl clocks can showcase your magnificent taste while efficiently displaying the time. Place our wall clocks in corridors, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can even place them in your kids’ rooms. This is the perfect gift for any occasion like birthdays or anniversaries.

Levescale`s unique designed clocks

Factory Working Process

Our team works daily to produce wall clocks. It’s a hard and productive process.

Team beliefs:

  • Make your goal to make others be happy
  • Give and take
  • Total Transparency
  • Meaningful Mission Value
  • Outcome Optimism

Contact us: suppliers@levescale.com